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RTI was born on 09 April 2005, although the idea was created several years earlier. Since the enforced closure of RTI-FM the station is kept alive by a small group of highly respected and dedicated volunteer broadcast professionals.

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RTI would like to expressly thank Mr. Jan Telensky for his continued support and Mr. Mark Rock of AudioBoo for making RTI available to so many around the world whilst returning RTI to its rightful position of LOCAL radio for Poprad.
Radio Tatras International would also like to thank these quality stations who also help keep RTI alive; TalkRadioX (USA) and Replay Radio.
THE BIGGEST THANK YOU goes to you the loyal listeners – without your support there would be no RTI. With your support a station some wished to bury arose and with your help it will not lay down again!


IF YOU ARE EXPERIENCING ANY AUDIO PROBLEMS, please click on the iPhone image (this works for all platforms) and you can listen via AUDIOBOO. To listen to the automatic stream of RTI normally you will need the Adobe Flash Player installed. Please visit this page to ensure you have the latest player.

Radio Tatras International via AudioBoo

Radio Tatras International THE Radio Revolution

Hi All

Below you can find all the exciting ways to TUNE IN to RTI, the station happy to speak for YOU!

You can tune in online, via Windows 8 Tablet, PC and Phone. as well as older system like iOS (Apple), Android and more.

Don't forget you can leave audio comments to show via our AudioBoo service - we'd love to hear YOU and your views so surf over to AudioBoo and share your thoughts.

If you are having a problem with a gas, electricity or any other sort of supplier then email us with your problem we're here to help YOU!

And if you have a good cause that needs a mention on the radio again email us with the details

All the best
Eric, Leigh and Rachel (plus Petra from time to time)

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